What is Stylib?

Stylib is a material search platform for design professionals. We develop tools and technologies that speed-up and simplify the discovery and curation of architectural products by providing our users with an unbiased visual & textual search engine. Stylib works with the market’s leading suppliers and manufacturers to streamline designers’ specification driven processes: from cutting-edge visual search, to sharable digital moodboards and personalised materials library, our free service is an essential tool kit to any specifying architect, interior designer or contractor.

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Why does Stylib exists?

Over the last decade, tech-savvy architects like us have witnessed technology's ability to transform entire sections of our profession. The advent of AI and cloud computing have made technology accessible to fields beyond IT, with solutions concerning site/office connectivity, planning optimization and many more changing the rules for design professionals. What we haven't seen, however, is how technology can help designers in streamlining architectural products’ discovery and specification processes. We found that our designer friends and colleagues waste days on searching products for their projects through tiring catalogues; that putting together a successful material board remains an extremely complex task in an age where cars drive themselves; that product discovery hasn't really changed since the birth of the internet (and more). So we made Stylib: A material search that works, from architects to architects.

Who are we?

Our team is a mixture of architects and data scientist with a weak-spot for the architectural & design industry. Stylib founders are Fabio Galicia and Noam Naveh: tech-savvy architects and design lovers.
Stylib is a London based company with offices in Madrid.
Team member: Adam Humphrey / BDM
Adam Humphrey / BDM
Team member: Albert Fernandez Moles / Frontend lead
Albert Fernandez Moles / Frontend lead
Team member: Fabio Galicia / CTO & cofounder
Fabio Galicia / CTO & cofounder
Team member: Juan Gonzalez Cabello / Data scientist
Juan Gonzalez Cabello / Data scientist
Team member: Noam Naveh / CEO & cofounder
Noam Naveh / CEO & cofounder
Team member: Pablo Talavante / AI Lead
Pablo Talavante / AI Lead
Team member: Rosa Reyes / Frontend developer
Rosa Reyes / Frontend developer
Team member: Soofia Fatima / Design researcher
Soofia Fatima / Design researcher

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